Yorick and brageth

Pictured: Yorick and his literal only friend, a flying anus.

The most suicidal of all <Literal Who>, Yorick fell into a deep chasm of madness shortly after the fiasco known as >locks in leg.

Top Affliction player in the world.

Yorick rose to fame when he made the ORIGINAL /wowg/ discord, holding it together for around four months before lewdposters ruined the fucking thing. Unleashing what would henceforth be known as "The Godzilla Protocol", Yorick gave sis himself mod powers in order to crash the discord - with no survivors.

Free of the shackles of running a shitty discord, Yorick fucked off into <Literal Who>, where, as a warlock, he was memed to death.

His fourth Fun-eral was held on Halloween 2017.

Apparently he's in <This Game is SO Hard> or some shit because literal who was literally eaten by literal pandas.

As of 7.1.5, the south rises again.

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