Ralph is a European homosexual fat furfag who unironically is attracted to other fat homosexual hair furfags and will always post about how he loves cuddling other fat male pandas since he is fat himself(BMI 35.4).

US male panda lovers

US male panda enthusiasts, proof EU is superior

Due to the lack of panda cocks in the EU he was invited to the US by none other that male panda enthusiast Incestral so they can unite their autism and love for male pandas, and since Incestral promised there would be a lot more male panda cocks for him to suck and he delivered.

He now usually hangs with other male panda lovers like Incestral and his guild of male pandas where they try to find way to indoctrinate and get more people to play male pandas.

Funposting journey Edit

Ralph first came in the general from EU where he continuously avatarfagged and fought anyone who even suggested that male pandas had any flaw even the story designers themselves that clearly stated their pride was a flaw.

Ralph sucking off incestral for 3s carries

Ralph sucking off incestral for 3s carries

Because of the lack of panda cocks in EU ralph decided to quit within 2 months but still came back to the general to feed his addiction to male pandaren. In one of those cases Incestral suggested him to come to the US servers and invited him to illidan aka pandafag ching chong server so they can play together. Since then ralph has plagued the general by posting about himself and other male panda activities while fiercely defending his homosexual love for male pandas or anyone else who likes pandas. And will always praise Incestral and use the meme "bear told me X" to justify how much he sucks in the game.

If he is not doing that then he is usually writing walls of text about how people fall to their dark primal drive and hate pandas because of that because he confuses pandaren lore with reality thinking the sha are this dark

primal drive.

Personality Edit

Ralph is an incredibly narcissistic individual, he cares only for himself and other male pandas. He believes he has transcended humanity and is above everyone and thus should be the one to point out everyone's


mistakes and flaws.

That leads ralph to play the fitting class of shadow priest, a class that is literally so curious it delves into the dangerous territory of the old gods, being so much bigger than the players that players cannot comprehend their thoughts or existence. Ralph being a huge homosexual virgin learned about the old gods and tried to understand them, or more specifically getting tentacle raped because nobody else would fuck him. Not realizing or simply not caring about the consequences the vast amount of tentacle rape and old god juices have made ralph understand the old gods but in doing so he now posts incomprehensible walls of text that nobody can understand but him. The old god cuck has corrupted his mind and made him write walls of text about psychology and human desires that not even modern science agrees with, clearly he has transcended plain mortals and now is one with the void, or more like one with the void's tentacles.

Undecided faggot

But shadow priest isnt his main class, he is such a homosexual faggot that he cant even choose and main on class and changes classes every week. His latest one apparently is a warrior who "Has cool 2h animations which totally means he uses a special snowflake swordfighting style like him because he is too great to be cucked by normal swordfighting techniques."

Technically not virgin

"Technically not a virgin"


Here are a few exampled of many bans he's received, he takes pride in his ban evasions and believes that you should disobey all rules.

He is also "technically not a virgin" an proudly mentions that on his posts.

He hates establishment and order, and praises chaos and destruction like all shadow priests. He believes that /wowg/ and 4chan should have no rules whatsoever so he can preach endlessly about his philosophical diarrhea and love of panda men. He is constantly changing his IPs and says that one should never be "cucked by the rules" and laughs at anyone bitching at him instead of ignoring him as that means he is "cucked by his dark primal desires"

His worship of Taran Zhu Edit

Ralph making an essay to defend Taran Zhu

Ralph making an essay to defend his husbando

Ralph being the humongous faggot that he is fell in love with the most unbearable, hypocritical and annoying character to ever exist in the WoW lore.

Now ralph will spew out how Taran Zhu was literally perfect and never did a SINGLE mistake and how he is

also a secret homosexual who hasnt found the perfect partner yet thus remains alone because projections.

Taran Zhu is ralph's idol and that is why he tries to act just as condescending and annoying as possible, pretending to have inner peace while chastising everyone about how they are falling prey to their anger and dark primal drives and how everyone should have inner peace and not get mad at shitposters and furfags. He has said that many times while unironically spending HOURS writing huge walls of text to defend his own butthurt because wowg wouldnt accept his love for male panda furfags. Similarly to how that character was always bitched at players even though he has failed to follow his own teachings and was saved by them multiple times.
43066873 p0

Ralph's ultimate fantasy

But like ralph said, if you arent perfect and have inner peace nothing you do matters.

When ralph isnt ruining the general he is either playing with other pandafags or busy fapping and imagining himself getting fucked by taran zhu in the monastery.

Birth Edit

File:Ralph being a faggot from a young age.jpg

Due to the level of his autism it is said that his mother probably did heavy drug use and fucked multiple fat hairy men while pregnant probably for money to get said drugs. This is the only logical explanation for his autism and love for cock.

It is rumored that he was born not in a hospital but during an intense sex session between his mother and and a stranger and he got out by grabbing the stranger's dick as hard as possible.

An unforseen encounter and the beginning of a secret love Edit

Nizbuns Fury
"Nizbun was furious, how could Gisco do this to him? Just last week Gisco had whispered sweet nothings to him and now he stumbles across him with Ralph on the Timeless Isle beach enjoying a picnic?
"Gisco!" he yelled with soft anger in his voice.

Gisco was taken back by this as he jumped in surprise, "what was Nizzy doing here?" he thought to himself.
Nizbun began to walk towards the two, a visible frown paired with a tear running down his face, he spoke softly, "Why?"
Gisco frowned, "You never wanted to play cards with me"
Nizbun's eyes became infused with sha energies and light, he spoke again but this time in uncontrollable anger "WHY GISCO WHY?"
"STOP NIZZY, I...." Gisco looked into Nizbun's eyes, not recognizing his soul in them, he yelled "I LOVE HIM"
Energy began to erupt from Nizbun's body as wings sprouted forth from his back, in a burst of light Ralphii had been struck as Gisco watched. And in a moment it was over. Ralphii's blood and Gisco's
tears pooled together under Nizbun's feet. The light had left his body, he could no longer feel anything. He whispered, "Gisco..." "

"ironic" manda

Nizbun's "ironic" male panda

After this event Nizbun felt something he couldnt explain, and in time he ended up playing together with ralph and the other pandafags Incestral and Gisco in a world pvp group. Subconsciously he knew very well what he felt, and that was clear by his actions, nobody would expect ralph to not lust after Nizzy's panda dick and Nizzy isnt a retard to do this without noticing, deep inside he knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was Ralph. So he purposely joined the group with his "ironic" manda to get Ralph's attraction, but he didnt expect ralph to so loudly profess his love for him and that caused him to immediately go into denial and run away from the very game, stopping to play the game for long periods of time just because he couldnt accept his feelings for ralph.

Ralph will still be seen saying how much he misses Nizbun's cuddles and male panda inthe gnera, their story is unfinished.

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