Khelgin the Sure-Footed, also known as Manatrick, Civean, Valley, Cazic, and the Maestro of Minigames, is one of the original funposters who took up arms against furshits and ERPfags during the threads' great lull of content in Mists of Pandaria. While subscribed to the game, he is often found passing out his battletag to anyone who shows an interest in PvP. His frequent long absences from avataring often result in "Who??" when his name is dropped in a shitpost. He is currently being a bad goy, but still plans on returning for Legion to play a Demon Hunter.

Notable Shitposts

There are a couple shitposts directly related to Khelgin, both consisting of """""real""""" pictures of him.


While the 6.0 PTR was active, Khelgin took /wowg/ for a ruse cruise by posting a single picture of tiny feet with painted nails per the request of Anon and saying they were his own. This picture quickly garnered the attention of /wowg/ for some time, and the phrase "NICE FEET FAGGOT", commonly with a spoiler tag, became a go-to response when Khelgin would post from then on.

The picture of the feet itself became a topic of debate. Some posters, including Nizbun, had at times thought it to be a genuine picture, while others were assblasted at the thought of anyone thinking a non-timestamped picture could ever be trusted. Khelgin himself has weighed in, saying that the picture is allegedly one he saved from another Anon shitposting about Vjera, but it could just be a ploy to divert attention from his feet. The picture has since been lost.



On July 4th, 2015, alleged real life pictures of several shitposters began to emerge on /wowg/. Among the first of this wave of pictures was Cazic.jpg, a snapshot purported to be one of Khelgin's selfies, and later said to be a "picture of Khelgin from when he was younger".

This is, of course, absolute bullshit, as a quick reverse image search shows the picture's origin to be a young Harry Styles. Some posters, however, continue to perpetuate this image as Khelgin's true visage.