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Fallaa is a seemingly depressed girl with sleep issues that plays a shaman in RiPiPs """"""elite"""""" raid team of mythic raiders.

The BTFOing Edit

On a night of relentless shitposting on /wowg/, a night like any other, Fallaa decided to partake in the festivities. Unfortunately for her , the Queen was also posting that night and as most uninitiated avatarfriends have come to find out soon enough: this thread isn't big enough for two attentionseekers. Fallaa with her prey-like instincts realized this and immediately ensued countermeasures to try to not be savaged by the incredible mental and physical prowess Lynris is capable of summoning on a whim. She thought herself clever; she'd kill two birds with one stone: not only would she try to steal her heart through forcing a heavy-handed relationship but she would use the blood elf Death Knight's prestige to pull herself up on the social rankings.

The attempt failed miserably. Lynris caught whiff of the pathetic scheme and it was over. Fallaa was shut down with a simple no, and there was no coming back. At least not for a sane human being, which clearly she is not. Fallaa the madwoman tried yet AGAIN to recover by pulling one of the oldest (and deplorable) schemes in the book. She helplessly samefagged herself to try to mitigate the blow of being rejected by Lynris. However,she made a grave error trying to redeem herself. She went for the question which put her in very situation she was desperately trying to claw out of again. What happened next will go down as a day of infamy.

Lynris read the words Fallaa had entered into the thread. She was engulfed in rage at her insolence; how can someone insult royalty so? Lynris had no choice. She had to react quickly and swiftly, and she had to make an example out of her as to keep her subjects in line. In one decisive motion, Lynris called out Fallaa for her poignant plot and then and only then, it was truly over. Fallaa lied there motionless in shambles, uttering her final words: "w-why all of the... bullying..." escaped her lips before she closed her eyes and expelled her final breath. It was over.

No one saw Fallaa ever again. Some say that to this day she is dead. Others claim that she is hiding in Argentina due to her enormous shame. One thing is for certain, there is no coming back from the BTFOing.

As it turns out she just got a 3 day and will be back with us shitposting as hard as she can soon... but there is still no recovering from the BTFOing.

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