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Paladin Edit

Ret- I am a 12 year old with a mild form of social autism that needs to whiteknight and is not very adept at video games

Holy- sissy

Prot- worst tank ever

Death Knight

Blood- AIDS

Unholy- Edgolord memers

forst- i am too confused having more than 2 skills on my bar

Priest Edit

Holy-I'm a girl who wants to get slammed by meaty tank cock

Disc- WoD pvp spec

Shadow- Dont play this

Monk Edit




Druid Edit

Feral- The most hated rogue, causes PTSD with his attack sound effects

Tank- Bear tank for furfags

Balance- Fat mutant KFC chicken gone wrong

Restoration- healer cuck

Shaman Edit

Elemental-pew pew lazors

Enchancement- Turbo burst

Resto- Worst healer ever

Warrior Edit

Fury-Brain dead pop cooldowns press 2 buttons until cooldowns end and AFK

Arms- look at me 2hand cool

Prot- Generic tank faggot

Huntard Edit

MM- for people who are 2 lazy and just want to stand still and 2 shot stuff

Beast mastery-bestiality

Survival- Oh i am oliver Queen in lyan Yu, so green arrow

Mage Edit

Frost- Broken_spec_in_all_expansion.jpg

Fire- throws hot cakes around like a faggot

Arcane- nobody cares about this one but >pve


Destruction- Edgy faggots who like to 1 shot stuff

Affliction- Necromancer wannabe

Demonology- Demon sex slave.

Rogue Edit

Assassination- Assassin wannabe, fails usually

Subtlety- Literally buttsex homo

Combat- PIRATE

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